Monday, February 22, 2016

Yoshinoya-- 2102 S Garey Ave

My meal Cost: $8.81. Health Rating A. 3.4 stars on Google

Well another week and another few feet north on Garey Avenue. This time it takes me to Yoshinoya, just a few steps from last week's Subway. This is a chain store.

I hadn't been to a Yoshinoya in a while so, while I pretty much knew what to expect, I was surprised by some changes to the menu. In addition to the beef and teriyaki chicken bowls, they also have steak, orange chicken, and honey-walnut shrimp, both bowls and plates. You can also get a combo bowl of any two of their entrees with veggies and rice.

As noted in last week's blog, I had come down with a really bad case of the flu that just got worse as the week progressed. So it's been a week of soup and very small amounts of "comfort food." So as not to shock my stomach too much with its first solid food in a while, I went with the teriyaki chicken and veggies bowl with a medium beverage.

The chicken was OK. They didn't put on enough teriyaki sauce to completely wet the rice and I'm not a fan of plain white rice. I looked around for some sort of condiments, but only after someone got up from another table did I notice that there were 2 bottles of siracha and 2 bottle of soy sauce for the entire dining room. But then I didn't really need the spice given my intestinal condition, so I went with what I had.

One of the other problems was that they only gave me a fork for the bowl, yet the chicken was chopped into VERY large slices and some of them were not even cut all the way through. Using a plastic fork to try and cut a piece of chicken just doesn't work so it meant getting my hands in there. I seem to recall that other Yoshinoya's had plastic knives and/or chopsticks (my choice when eating rice bowls), however this location had nothing available.

The dining room was clean and seemed fairly new. This location also features a drive-thru.

UP NEXT: Jack in the Box

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