Monday, February 8, 2016

Pizza Hut--2218 South Garey Ave.

My meal Cost: $13.88. Health Rating A. 2.5 stars on Yelp

I wasn't looking forward to this one as I figured that it would be a standard take-out pizza, and I was right. I got busy working on a new web site and I lost track of time so didn't get there until about 1pm. The place is VERY small, just a lobby with a counter and some signage. When I walked in there was no one at the counter and I had to wait about 3 minutes until someone poked their nose out.

Since this is also a wing-stop as well as a Pizza Hut, I ordered a personal pan pizza with mushroom and sausage (my go to) and then got an 8 piece order of mild buffalo wings. The order took about 15 minutes to prepare and cost me $13.88.

Since there is no where to dine at this location, I took my food and headed to my car. I decided that to be fair I should try a little of each in the car while they were still hot (not my favorite thing to do) before driving back to Casa Clifford some 3.25 miles north. The photo is taken on the front seat of the car.

The pizza, when it was warm, was a bit doughy but the toppings were plentiful and of decent quality.

The wings were mostly the wingette part with only one drumette. Most places where I've had wings they at least try to give equal amounts. Then there was an "extra" half wingette which was cut through the bones at an angle and created a very sharp pointed bone end. Hmmm. . .

The sauce was mild enough for me but would not have been for the lovely Mrs. C, the self described gringa. It was very vinegary, which is what I like about buffalo wings. Instead of just coating the wings, they seem to have doused them as there was about 1/8" of sauce in the bottom of the bowl, good for dipping. I have to admit that I did eat one or two in the car as I was stopped at red lights.

All-in-all, not a bad meal, but I doubt I'll go back. Just so you know, there are at least three more pizza places on Garey which I'll be visiting in the future, including another Pizza Hut/Wing Stop near Arrow.


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