Monday, March 7, 2016

Pizza Pirates -- 2092 S Garey Ave Pomona, CA 91766

My meal Cost: $13.06. Health Rating A. 4.5 stars on Google. Yelp 4 stars.

First, sorry for the quality of the photos. I didn't have my talThe past couple of weeks I've been in "fast-food hell" which didn't end this week and will probably go on for a while. However, at least this week it's not a chain like Jack-in-the-Box or Yoshinoya, but a small local chain with only 4 locations in Pomona, Ontario (2), and Glen Avon.

Pizza Pirates, at least here, is take-out or delivery only. They do seem to deliver to most of Pomona, if that's what you want or you can pick up at this little storefront with only a counter inside (no seating). You can get more information about them, including their complete menu at:

Pizza Pirate's Delivery area.

The service was pleasant and the person at the counter was very helpful. I noticed that they off their pizzas with a variety of toppings AND sauces. I decided to get their My Pie size (the smallest) with Alfredo sauce (for a white pizza), sausage, and mushrooms, with extra Mozzarella cheese. Since I wanted to be fair in comparison to Pizza Hut reviewed here a few weeks ago, I also ordered 5 wings, deciding on the hot Parmesan style. Since there is nowhere there to eat, I drove my 3.5 miles home to eat and get a beverage (for their to-go, they offer 2 liter bottles of Pepsi).

10" Pizza at left and four of the wings at right.

The pizza was a little bigger than the Pizza Hut personal pizza and I got 6 fairly good sized slices out of it. The crust was a little crunchy at the rim, but a little doughy under the sauce, cheese, and toppings. I was only able to finish 4 of the pieces so I'll have a bit left over for tomorrow's lunch (or a snack).

With the wings, you might note that there are only 4 in the photo. I admit, I ate a drumette on the drive home (I usually do the same with a few french fries when I go to In-and-Out). Again, it was 4 wingettes and only 1 drumette. What are these places doing with all the extra drumette's. Are they saving them for "special" customers? Anyway, the wings were fairly hot (well beyond the lovely Mrs. C's threshold--which is already very low anyway). They were nicely coated without the "extra" that was part of the Pizza Hut thing. Couldn't really taste the Parmesan although I could see shavings on top of SOME of the wings.

I think I'd go back. There are a lot of vegetarian versions of the pizza and now that I know that they deliver as far north as the 10 freeway, I may use them for delivery, especially as I'm getting to where the tomato based sauces are sometimes too acidic and a "white" option is always nice.

UP NEXT: China Bowl & Louisiana Fried

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  1. The salads are also a great choice. If I remember correctly you can order only drumettes for a little extra