Monday, March 14, 2016

China Bowl Express -- 2090 S Garey Ave, Pomona CA 91766

My meal Cost: $8.92. Health Rating A. Yelp 3 stars.

In the same shopping center as the last two is this Chinese Fast Food place. Very standard, offering bowls, or combos, along with some fried won tons, soups, and Family Combos. Google maps has this place as China Bowl and Louisiana Fried, but it looks like they got rid of the Louisiana Fried.

I opted for the B Combo ($5.89--the A Combo which only includes one entree is $4.89), which is fried rice, chow mein, and 2 entrees. For my entrees I chose the ubiquitous orange chicken, and the broccoli-beef. It came all dished up in a divided Styrofoam take-out container. Like most of these places (and I'll be eating at several in this blog, including one next week directly across Garey Avenue), the food comes displayed on a steam table for you to pick and choose. They also have mushroom chicken, spicy beef, Kung Pao chicken, stir fry chicken, Teriyaki chicken, BBQ pork, Broccoli shrimp, and Jalapeno shrimp. Plenty of options.

For a beverage I ordered a large Diet Coke (in stryrofoam) for $1. Smoothies and Boba drinks are also offered as well as three large refrigerated cases with canned and bottled beverages. They have about a dozen tables for dining inside with soy and sriracha sauces on the table. Tables are set up for 2 or 4.

The food was OK, not as good as you might get at Panda Express, but better than some of these places. The fried rice was nothing to write home about, very little flavor (until one ads the sriracha sauce), the chow mein noodles were likewise not very flavorful and a bit on the chewy side (I was there at 12:30 which may have been after their lunch rush), a little bit of soy sauce helped them a bit. The orange chicken was not the spicy kind with the peppers in it, but the very mild-sweet kind (the lovely Mrs. C would have been happier with it). Not horrible, but . . . The broccoli-beef was flavorful but the broccoli was cut in pieces that were a little too large for eating with chop sticks (as was the orange chicken). My preference is to eat which chop sticks if that's the cultural dish I'm eating.

All in all I ate, wasn't hungry afterward and didn't have a horrible meal. I'd probably agree with the Yelp 3 stars.

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