Monday, November 21, 2016

Kentucky Fried Chicken -- 2294 N Garey Ave Pomona, CA 91767

My Meal Cost: $8.37 Health Rating A. Yelp 1.5 stars

It's Thansgiving week so it's definitely a fowl week that I have KFC as next up. The lovely Mrs. C is definitely not a KFC fan, much preferring Donahoos fried chicken (and I echo her feelings on this one). However, I rather like KFC for those times when I'm at a meeting or pot luck and someone brings it, especially original recipe.

This one, at the corner of Garey and Arrow Highway is one of the ubiquitous versions I've seen all over the world (London, Shanghai, Paris, Montreal, etc.). Nothing stands out. It's "regular." A clean and fairly nice place with a decent sized dining room, but no character.

It seems that the 1.5 stars on Yelp is mainly for a perception of bad service, I can't say that was my experience. The service was efficient, but not terribly friendly. A little too much "chatter" behind the counter, but nothing obnoxious.

In addition to the dining room, this location has a drive-thru which seems to be very popular.

Since it was a cool, wet day (the rains were threatening but the pavement outside was starting to dry out after the previous evening's deluge) it seemed like a good day for something warming and comforting. I looked at the chicken pot pie, but decided instead on the Colonel's Famous Bowl (combo #8). The young woman behind the counter asked if I wanted biscuits as they didn't come with the combo. I figured, what he heck, and got the 2 biscuits for $1.69. 

The meal was ready by the time I finished pouring my Diet Pepsi. It included the bowl which was a bed of mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, and fried chicken pieces topped with shredded cheese. It also included the drink and a chocolate chip cookie. The biscuits came in a little bag on the side. However, they gave me two packets of honey but no butter/margarine, I don't use honey but would have used the spread (sigh). However, the biscuits are always good and these didn't disappoint, even without butter.

The bowl was a bit salty and the chicken was not real fresh. This definitely quenched my "potato craving" and filled me up, but afterward there was no satisfied feeling like you get after a good meal. The cookie was good, but not unlike something you might have gotten at the grocery store. For what it was, it was OK, but, as with most things at this location, nothing special.

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