Tuesday, January 19, 2016

In-N-Out -- 2505 S. Garey Ave.

Health Rating A. 4 stars on Yelp

First stop on this culinary(?) tour of Garey Avenue is In-N-Out Burger at 2505 S. Garey Ave. at the 60 Freeway.

While this site is a little further afield for me than the one on Indian Hill, it offers long drive-thru lanes so you don't feel like you're taking your life into your hands by sitting in the busy south-bound traffic lanes of Indian Hill. A little more modern, this one was opened in Aug 1984 and I believe the one on Indian Hill was 1974, it's still a drive-thru only with a few outdoor tables in a concrete area just between the dual drive-thru lanes.

Since I wanted to take photos and didn't want to eat in the car, I parked myself at one of the outdoor tables with a view of the restaurant, the 60 and 71 freeways, as well as the traffic on Garey.

Because this blog is about going outside my comfort zone, I decided to try a couple of things I hadn't tried before from the "secret menu." My usual burger is a double-double with onion. That is with a nice thick slice of raw onion. This time I decided to try the grilled onions on my burger. While the chopped onions were beautifully caramelized and sweet, I personally prefer the crunch and bite of the raw onion. Then for my fries I went with the "animal" style fries. The fries were loaded with the same caramelized onions and a big dollop of "secret sauce." My first bite seemed a little too sweet, but as I ate them the flavor seemed to mellow out a bit and the result was good if messy (thankfully they do supply a plastic fork).

NEXT UP: Tacos Mexico


  1. I have heard of an animal style burger as well as a burger served wrapped in lettuce. Do these options exist? How did they react to you ordering off menu?

    Did you need to clean your beard afterward?

  2. All of the "Secret" menu items exist except, as I understand it, "monkey" style. They are fine with it. They didn't question animal fries or grilled onions on the double-double. My daughter sometimes orders animal style for the burger and never a problem. You can read more about the "secret menu" HERE

  3. Never tried monster style. Thanks for posting!