Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Eating Garey Avenue

This blog will be my personal experiences eating lunches along Garey Avenue in Pomona.

I regularly travel Garey and have always noted the wide variety of eating establishments along the street (Fast food, Mexican, Papusas, Pizza, Asian, sandwiches, etc.). Many of them I have dined in before, but many I have never visited. Since I have some time I decided that I'm going to visit at least one spot along Garey each week and write about it. The plan is to start at the very south end of Garey and travel north, hitting each place in order. I will start with In-n-Out near the 60 Freeway and end with Happy Wok at Foothill.

All restaurants will have a Garey Avenue address. So I won't be visiting places "on the corner of." This means that I'll miss, one of my favorites, O'Donovan's in the Mayfair Hotel because the address is on Third Street. Likewise the Starbucks, Flame Broiler, and Sub place in Mission Promenade center have Mission Street addresses (although I may reconsider if I ever get that far north).

UPDATE: OK, so since I originally wrote this, I've changed my mind and am eating at the places "on the corner of." That will make my ending spot the Jack-in-the Box at Foothill (or possibly Casteneda's on the opposite corner).

I'm aware that there are at least a couple of fast food places that have multiple locations on Garey, i.e. Jack in the Box has at least 2. In those cases I'll still include the individual locations and hopefully talk about service, ambiance, etc.

So join me on this interesting adventure in eating (I won't go so far as to say dining).

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