Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Alberto’s Mexican Food--2068 N Garey Ave Pomona, CA 91767

My Meal Cost: $9.79. Health Rating A. Yelp 3 stars

Albertos is a Mexican food chain that started in the San Diego area (the first ones were in Poway, and Escondido). They have three locations in Pomona on Garey, Holt, and Reservoir. This one is, of course, the Garey Avenue store. 

Driving there today was a LOAD of fun with the construction on Garey and the new housing development across the street making getting there a challenge.

The lovely Mrs. C and I have been using the Drive-Thru of this location for many years as a quick place to pick up Super Nachos (very filling and good with beans, asada, cheese, guacamole, and crema-- sour cream--over a heap of tortilla chips), Super Fries (the same over French Fries), or one of the largest and best breakfast burritos we've tried. But we rarely would even think about going inside as it's just a place for when we don't want to cook and don't want burgers but want to sit in front of the TV.

The dining room is compact with about 8 tables. There is a TV inside which was showing a TeleNovela when I was there. There is a patio outside with a couple of tables but you'd be looking at the end of the drive-thru and the traffic on Garey. Ahhh, the smells of exhaust.

The place is fairly clean, but the thick (bulletproof?) plexiglass barrier between the dining room and the cash register/kitchen area does not give one a sense of safety. You order at the counter and then wait for them to call you for your order. Because of the plexiglass enclosure, you really probably shouldn't go get a seat as you'll never hear when your order is called (I made this mistake) and they don't come out to find you.

Because I've had many items on their menu in the past, I decided to try something I'd not had before. And I've actually never had their tacos, and while I had this on Monday, Tuesday (today) is National Taco Day. So I got the number 5 combo which was a cheese enchilada and a taco with beans and rice, and a medium Diet Coke. Their meals come with both red and green hot sauce.

The beans and rice were good but nothing special. The cheese enchilada was drenched in red sauce (not spicy though) with a lot of cheese. The enchilada was a bit tough, especially trying to use a plastic fork and no knife to cut it, but was very tasty. The taco was a hard shell taco with shredded beef. I was concerned that it would be greasy but it was not. The shell was crispy and did not get soft during the time it took me to eat it unlike some other fast food tacos.

I'm sure we'll be going back to Alberto's and their drive-thru on those days when cooking is just too much.

UP NEXT:  Las Margaritas Restaurant