Monday, June 27, 2016

Subs Cafe -- 101 W Mission Blvd Ste 107 Pomona, CA 91766

My Meal Cost: $20.01 (for 2). Health Rating A. Yelp 3.5 stars

This week we stopped at Subs Cafe. This originally opened as a Quizno's but is now an independent "mom & pop" operation. The interior has a number of tables with faux wicker seats, which unfortunately, sag in the middle so your legs are being somewhat cut off by the frame of the chair and you're sitting a little lower than you might expect as you start to sit down. Not the most comfortable, but serviceable. They also have a few metal tables and chairs outside in the area between them and Starbucks.

We visited between 11:45 am and 12:30 pm. The place was fairly busy with a good lunch crowd, about half dining in and half taking their orders To-Go. The two-person crew was a bit slow, but given the number of sandwiches they were cranking out, did an adequate job of it.

It still has all the Quizno's fixtures (conveyor belt "toaster") and layout (which I find difficult as you're ordering on one side of the toaster and then moving past it to the other side to pay making it sometimes difficult to follow what you're doing, unlike Subway where the toasting machines are behind so you can keep an eye on things. It appears that this location was bought out by an Asian owner so they've added Boba drinks to their menu. The Boba drinks looked interesting and we wish we had seen them before we ordered, but missed them because they're not on the regular menu but are on a sign near the cash register. One that looked very interesting was honeydew green tea boba. At the back area (where I would prefer they had the toaster) they've added lotto scratchers and a lotto machine.

After perusing the menu, the Lovely Mrs. C decided on a small chicken, bacon, and cheese sandwich (with lettuce and tomato), Fritos, and a coke. I decided to try the Pastrami, bacon, and cheese, with Miss Vicki's Jalapeno potato chips and a large diet coke. They only allow one refill and since I tend to drink a lot of soda, I opted for the large size. 

Mrs. C, unfortunately for this place, still had the memory of a chicken sandwich that she had at Industriel in downtown LA in her mind and any chicken sandwich would suffer in comparison. This one certainly did. She reported that the amount of chicken and bacon was very generous, but that it was a bit dry (she said if she were to go back she would ask for mayo, or extra cheese).

My pastrami was also a decent amount but not as generous as Samos, Bravo Burger, or the Hat. The quality of the pastrami was better than Samos but not quite as good as either Bravo Burger or the Hat (and I won't even try to compare to Langers in LA). I had them put on mustard and pickles (the classic). When I first bit into my sandwich I couldn't taste the cheese. I started to deconstruct it and found that there was no cheese. I took it back and, asked if they could see any cheese on my Pastrami, Bacon and Cheese? They remade the sandwich and delivered it to our table with cheese. Having said that, the cheese is put on the bread and melts into it, barely looking like a smear on the bread. I think if I ever go back I'll pay a dollar for extra cheese. Similar to Mrs. C's complaint, my pastrami was a bit on the dry side. I like more of a dipped pastrami (which is pretty much what I got at Samos). I suspect that the toasting oven dries out the meat. The amount of mustard was a slight swipe across the top of the bread so it didn't help to moisten the sandwich either.

A reasonable alternative to either Quizno's or Subway if you're in the downtown Pomona area.

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