Monday, May 9, 2016

Domino's -- 1285 S Garey Ave Pomona, CA 91766

My Meal Cost: $8.85. Health Rating A. Yelp 3 stars

This week was supposed to be Ponce's Pupuseria and Bakery. I got there about noon and the pupuseria was locked up and only the bakery was open. I went in there and asked if the pupuseria was open and the woman who was baking fabulous smelling sweets I believe only understood the word pupuseria and indicated manana. So, despite no signage, I assume that they're closed on Mondays. Since I teach tomorrow I'll have to wait until at least Wednesday to get there. Hopefully they're open for lunch (again, no signage).

Since I was down in that area and now was hungry, I decided to skip to the next one which is Domino's Pizza. I'm really sorry that I decided to include the take-out pizza places as I really wanted to be able to sit down and have a meal. But since I do this for you, not for me, I'll suck it up.

This Domino's has a single table outside (which I didn't use) and is strictly a delivery or take-out type of operation. I've had pizza from this place before as I'm on the Pomona Christmas Parade committee and we usually have pizza at our monthly meetings and most of the time it has come from this Dominos (on exception was right after someone decided to drive a car through their front window, that month we ended up with Little Caesars). I've always found the pizzas from here to be acceptable. I'm afraid that I haven't liked a pizza from a Pomona place since Marie's Red Hill Pizza closed on Holt and White (even the one on second street, while similar) didn't match up to what they had in that little tiny place on Holt.

Trying to be fair to the pizza places that came before (and will come after), I ordered a sausage and mushroom with extra cheese. Their "personal" pizza is a 10" pie. I also ordered 8 wings, choosing HOT as the option for the wings. The only beverages they appear to offer is 2-liter bottles. Since I was going to end up taking it home, I have my preferred Cherry Coke Zero, so . . .

The pizza was actually pretty good. The crust was bready but not doughy and had a bit of a crunch to it like a good French baguette. They didn't include the pepper flakes nor Parmesan cheese that I'm used to as a "given" when ordering pizza, but I guess I should have asked. The pie was cut into 10 slices although they weren't even with some of them being twice the size of others.

The wings came with ranch dressing. It didn't appear that they were coated in the sauce, more like the sauce was dumped on top so some were drenched in sauce and some only had the sauce that pooled at the bottom of the tin foil they were served in. I would describe the sauce as a milder version of buffalo sauce with a bit of vinegar, but not overly hot nor vinegary, more on the sweet side. There were four drumettes and four wingettes, so it was nice and even.

Not a bad meal and not as expensive as Papa Johns so I guess if I was looking for a quick pizza delivery Domino's on south Garey might be a future choice--that is if they deliver to Lincoln Park. Seems to deserve its 3 Yelp stars.

UP NEXT: Ponce's Restaurant & Bakery

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  1. I'd still order from pizza pirate before dominoes